Housing Qualifications & Policies

To Qualify for Employee Housing Employees Must Be:

    • 18 years of age
    • Hired into a full time position at Sun Valley Company (working on average 30 hours per week)
    • Without owning a home in Blaine County
  • Complete the vaccination process for Covid-19 within 5 days of check in, completion prior to arrival is recommended. Proof of completed process will need to be shown to HR/Housing.
  • You will be given a health and safety questionnaire upon arrival to determine possible Covid-19 exposures or symptoms.
    • Depending on your answer you may be asked to take a Covid-19 Antigen or PCR test in order to check in.

Employee Housing Request & Move In Process:

  1. Request Housing: fill out the Housing Request Form, linked at the top of this page.
  2. Move-In Communication: Once the application is completed, you will receive emails from the Housing Manager containing important move-in and required training information.
  3. After Hour Move-ins: are not permitted unless scheduled and approved in advance with the Housing Manager, please email svhousing@sunvalley.com

Current Health and Safety Policies in Employee Housing: